GE Locomotive Fuel Injectors

Name Catalog Part Number Unit Exchange Number Description Price
GE Locomotive Fuel Injector 123X1034 123X1034R Fuel nozzle *
GE Locomotive Fuel Injector 123X1041 123X1041R Fuel nozzle *
GE Locomotive Fuel Injector 123X1110 123X1110R Fuel nozzle *

Products listed are remanufactured by Sardello Inc.’s in-house processes. They are for sale through: unit exchange, repair and return, or contractual agreement. Prices vary according to which remanufacturing method is chosen by the customer. Sardello Inc. is not a manufacturer of the products listed. Sardello Inc.’s remanufacturing processes are to customer specifications, but not limited too. Our services have been established over 40+ years of experience rebuilding for a variety of customers including OEMs, for more information click here—> Terms and Conditions.

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