What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In more general terms, it is the endurance of systems and processes.

Because Sardello Inc. is a sole remanufacturer, when you choose to do business with us, you choose sustainability. Sustainability is a large part of being environmentally healthy and Sardello Inc. will help you be more sustainable.

The following pyramid is the Waste Hierarchy:


As you can see, recycling, reuse, and minimization are all parts of becoming more sustainable. These three options of the Waste Hierarchy are all connected to remanufacturing. Choosing to remanufacture or to remanufacture more is all part of moving forward to endure. We have more than 40 years of experience remanufacturing. Our services will help you achieve this goal.

Sardello Inc. recognizes that commitment to sustainability can have many benefits, including conservation of raw material, reduced disposal costs, reduced environmental liability and higher product yields. Our core business is dedicated to maximizing the recovery of functional engine components for use in the remanufacturing process.

Sardello Inc. has also committed to:

  • The implementation of waste minimization strategies
  • Use of environmentally friendly substitute chemicals for process cleaning
  • Wooden pallet and cardboard recycling program
  • Reclamation programs for petroleum based lubricants and non-chlorinated cleaning solvents
Polishing studs.
Studs for the Engine Frame being polished.
Clean room-engine component assembly.
Our Clean Room for Engine Component Assembly.