GE Locomotive Governors

Catalog Part Number GE Part Number Price
136X1990-1 41R992010G103 *
136X1990 41R992010G78 *
136X2070 41R992010G93 *
136X2115 41R992010G104 *
136X2165-3 41R992010G150 *
136X2196 41R992010G128 *
136X2235 41R992010G133 *
136X2245 41R992010G136 *
136X2260 41R992010G134 *
136X2270 41R992010G137 *
136X2275 41R992010G138 *
136X2280 41R992010G139 *
136X2285 41R992010G140 *
136X2340 41R992010G143 *
136X2345 41R992010G144 *
136X2355 41R992010G145 *
136X2365 41R992010G146 *
136X2385 41R992010G148 *
136X2390 41R992010G149 *
136X2390-1 41R992010G155 *
136X2400 41R992010G152 *
136X2418 41R992010G162 *
136X2419 41R992010G163 *
136X2420 41R992010G164 *
136X2421 41R992010G165 *
136X2422 41R992010G166 *
136X2423 41R992010G167 *
136X2424 41R992010G168 *
136X2425 41R992010G169 *
136X2426 41R992010G170 *
136X2427 41R992010G171 *
136X2431 41R992010G156 *
136X2432 41R992010G157 *
136X2433 41R992010G158 *
136X2434 41R992010G159 *
136X2435 41R992010G160 *
136X2436 41R992010G161 *

Products listed are remanufactured by Sardello Inc.’s in-house processes. They are for sale through: unit exchange, repair and return, or contractual agreement. Prices vary according to which remanufacturing method is chosen by the customer. Sardello Inc. is not a manufacturer of the products listed. Sardello Inc.’s remanufacturing processes are to customer specifications, but not limited too. Our services have been established over 40+ years of experience rebuilding for a variety of customers including OEMs, for more information click here—> Terms and Conditions.

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