Value is quality at a fair price.

This is what Sardello strives to deliver: reliability of quality products, quality service, and all at a lower cost. These are the principles on which Sardello was founded and the reason for our growth.

We offer quality. We offer value. We offer economy:

  • AAR M1003 certified (railroad equivalent of ISO 9000)
  • 99.99% documented product quality
  • Full traceability; record retention by part
  • Rigidly replicated process control; documentation of every inspection and remanufacturing step for every part
  • Characteristic Control Plans, First Article Inspections, Process Flow Diagrams, Process FMEA, and Continuous Process Improvement for every component based on Six Sigma principles
  • Fully documented Quality Assurance System
  • Meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, price and delivery while maintaining growth, profitability and sustainability in a weak economy.
  • NIST traceable gauge program

A Simple Bolt

A bolt. A simple part. Enormous savings. Before transferring engine cylinder remanufacture to Sardello, a customer was experiencing a 16% rejection rate on a simple bolt. Not only does Sardello inspect, we also sort by defect. Those that can be restored with simple rework, we restore. Additionally, we will document the reason for rejection for your analysis.

In this case we reduced the rejection rate of these bolts to 4%. That may not seem like a big deal with something like a bolt, but when you take into consideration how much these bolts cost, the new acceptance criteria meant processing an additional 100,000 annually.

We saved the customer thousands of dollars in the initial inspection/cleaning operation. That was just one small part.


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