Sardello Inc. is a first class remanufacturer of engine components. Sardello Inc. services components for a variety of industries. Our largest concentration is in the Railroad and Locomotive industries. We also service Machinery, Trucking, Marine Diesel, Mining, and Stationary Power Plants.

Sardello Inc. has a large staff of Experience Technicians and Master Mechanics. We also have a large assortment of Test and Calibration Equipment as well as Customized Equipment tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

From Disassembly, Cleaning, and Inspection to Reassembly, Calibration, and Testing, Sardello Inc. can provide Customized Remanufacturing Programs tailored to meet your individual specifications. If you only want Sardello Inc. to Disassemble, Clean, Inspect, and Ship, then we will do that. If you only need your components Cleaned and Shipped, we will only do that step in the remanufacturing process. All you need to do is give us the component and the specifications, and we will do the rest for an economical price to save you money and time.

For your reference, at the top of this page is a Process Flow Diagram of Component Remanufacturing and below is a List of Products we remanufacture. If you have any component(s) that needs this type of processing, please contact us for further information:

Sardello Inc. – List of Remanufactured Engine Components


Fuel Injectors Pumps: Water, Fuel, Oil Valves: Exhaust, Intake, Fuel
Governors Engine Protectors Parking Brakes (Locomotive)
Overspeed Governors Cam Rollers Compressors
Starter Motors Blowers Sub Assemblies
Turbochargers Housings Superchargers
Pistons Piston: Rods, Crowns, Skirts Doors: Crankcase, Engine Bock
Crank: Case, Shaft Power Assemblies Gears
Drives Cylinders Rings
Shafts: Cam, Cranks Castings Engine Blocks
Heads Covers Cylinder Sleeves
Intercoolers Springs Cylinder Liners
Pipes: Coolant, Exhaust, Intake, Fuel Oil Pans Bushings
Connectors Alternators Seats
Straps Rocker Arms Hubs
Turbines Clamps Followers
Skirts Switches Lugs
Cases Spacers Rollers
Bodies Rods Solenoids
Flanges Guards Knobs
Saddles Sections Steps
Studs Dipsticks Supports
Bars Arms Drains
Plates Linkages Lids
Brackets Coalescers Jackets
Journals Gear Boxes Guides
Manifolds Collars Bellows
Piping Tubes Mounts
Dampers Studs Tanks
Sumps Cups Handles
Elbows Filters Crowns
Retainers Ties Nuts, Bolts, Washers


Products listed are remanufactured by Sardello Inc.’s in-house processes. They are for sale through: unit exchange, repair and return, or contractual agreement. Prices vary according to which remanufacturing method is chosen by the customer. Sardello Inc. is not a manufacturer of the products listed. Sardello Inc.’s remanufacturing processes are to customer specifications, but not limited too. Our services have been established over 40+ years of experience rebuilding for a variety of customers including OEMs, for more information click here—> Terms and Conditions.