Sardello Inc. is a contract remanufacturer of engines. Our Remanufacturing Programs are tailored to each customer’s specifications. The Remanufacturing Process Flow of an engine is described as:

  1. Disassembly of major components
  2. Major component disassembly
  3. Clean and wash
  4. Machining and preparation
  5. Inspection
  6. Scrap and disposal of parts
  7. New parts installed
  8. Component assembly
  9. Major assembly
  10. Package and shipment

Sardello Inc. will work hard for you. We will customize your Remanufacturing Program with us. If you want Sardello Inc. to do only Steps 1 thru 7 because you want to do your own assembly work because of your proprietary processes, then Sardello Inc. will do that for you. If you would like us to do all ten steps, but you want certain components to be remanufactured by another company, Sardello Inc. will do that for you. Sardello Inc. is flexible and cooperative.

Sardello Inc. remanufactures engines and/or engine components for a variety of industries. We perform in part, or in whole, remanufacturing activities on Locomotives, Trucks, Marine Diesel, and Stationary Power Plants. That means we service major OEM’s, Railroads, Trucking Companies, Tug-Boat and Barge Companies, and more.

For more information about our engine remanufacturing services, please contact us.

Engine Remanufacturing