Sardello, Inc. understands how important it is to protect your company’s confidential information and we will help you find ways to sustain business in a weak economy. This is why our company philosophy is based on the loyalty business model, more specifically quality service. We believe when a company approaches Sardello, Inc., it’s more than just business.

We take your business objectives very seriously, and we strive to help you achieve those objectives. We will not side-step your business in order to gain a bigger profit for ourselves, and your intellectual property will remain just that…yours.

We will enter into a contract that meets both of our needs and that protects both of our interests.

  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements

But rest assured no matter the type of partnership that we enter in together, your assets are safe with Sardello, Inc. and to us a handshake is just as important as a legal document.