Sardello, Inc., offers cleaning, remanufacturing and assembly services for a variety of parts in critical applications. By outsourcing your needs, you gain flexibility, productivity, and predictability within your operations. Our economies of scale enable cost-effective cleaning and remanufacturing services and our broad service capabilities, combined with a single point of contact, give you greater efficiency.

We combine the best cleaning technology, custom-designed equipment and years of hands-on experience to meet and exceed the demands of customers in a variety of industries. Our value-engineering approach and continuous process improvements will help drive unnecessary costs and increase quality while helping you to streamline your own internal processes. We have the capability to process thousands of different types of parts to your specification.


  • JIT and Unit Exchange Program: Immediate shipment capability of “off-the-shelf” products with no core charges
  • Remanufacture and Return Program: 48-hour build-to-order capability
  • Contract Cleaning: Thermal, chemical, and mechanical degreasing and cleaning. Environmentally sound and EPA-approved
  • Paint Removal and Reapplication: Complete surface preparation of all metals
  • Finished Goods Inventory: immediate shipment; standard or custom specifications
  • Largest core inventory in the industry
  • Kitting and special packaging for OEM reassembly
  • Cost effectively eliminate problems by outsourcing those processes that hurt your company the most, allowing you to receive one finished part number as an alternative to managing multiple components and activities
  • Teardown, evaluation, cleaning and reassembly of mechanical components to customer requirements
  • Packaging for direct customer shipment
  • Retrofits and rebuilds
  • Small and large bore honing
  • Valve grinding
  • Thread Repair and insert installation
  • Crack detection
  • OEM inspection
  • EDI & extranet capability
  • 24-hour technical service assistance


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Products Serviced

Sardello, Inc. specializes in large component and assembly remanufacturing and has the capability of servicing a wide array of products, including, but not limited to:

  • Pumps – fuel/water/hydraulic
  • Fuel injectors
  • Valve bridges
  • Push/master rods
  • Intake/exhaust valves
  • Gearboxes
  • Turret assemblies


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Sardello At a Glance

AAR M1003 Certification (Rail equivalent of ISO 9001)

Sardello, Inc. understands how important it is to protect your company’s confidential information and we will help you find ways to sustain business in a weak economy.  This is why our company philosophy is based on the loyalty business model, more specifically quality service.  We believe when a company approaches Sardello, Inc., it’s more than just business.

We take your business objectives very seriously, and we strive to help you achieve those objectives. We will not side-step your business in order to gain a bigger profit for ourselves, and your intellectual property will remain just that…yours.

We will enter into a contract that meets both of our needs and that protects both of our interests.

  • Exclusivity Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements

Outsource your kitting and assembly with us. 

Finishing And Surface Prep

  • Blast Cleaning, shot/glass/sand
  • Burn-off/Thermal Cleaning
  • Aqueous Submerge Tanks
  • Degreasing including Vapor
  • Pressure/Spray Washing
  • Mass Finishing, tumble/vibratory
  • Crack Detection including MPI
  • Large and Small Bore Honing
  • Surface and Valve Grinding
  • Coating Removal and Surface Evaluation


Value Added Services

  • Complete teardown service with individual component evaluation prior to cleaning
  • Remanufacturing/Refurbishment of mechanical components per customer specifications
  • Value-Engineering of process steps to eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Sub-assembly and Kitting to help streamline your own internal processes and reduce bottlenecks in your own factory.



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