Sardello had perfected the process of large engine and component reconditioning.

From tear-down, to cleaning, to remanufacture, we have performed it thousands of times, analyzed and improved these processes. This allows us to provide you with unmatched turnaround times that you can count on – every time.

We understand that having engines and components out of commission can be detrimental to your bottom line, so our speed and reliability are essential. Sardello’s services are designed and performed with this in mind. We have perfected the process of large engine and component reconditioning for optimum speed and quality. Our fast turnaround time allows you to have your equipment back up and running quickly, with as little downtime as possible.

Your components will be back online in peak condition in no time.

After more than 40 years in the industry, we have our processes down to a precise science so that we can perform our work both quickly and accurately. No amount of quality is sacrificed in the process. We maintain strict adherence to the timelines we present to you, so that you know exactly when to expect your components will be ready to be put back online. Our services are streamlined and offer reliability for best practices, and for best results for your business.

Reduction In Inventory

A customer had almost a four-month backlog that was increasing daily. The accumulating assemblies had reached such a high value that our customer tied up finances for warehouse space, for utilities and for insurances to cover staff to handle and protect it. From a company standpoint, these holding costs can account for between a third and a half of its acquisition value per year.

With Sardello’s focused procedures and process specialization, we processed this inventory in just four months. Not only did we eliminate the customer’s “raw material” inventory, we also lowered the unit cost for remanufacturing each assembly, facilitated the reallocation of the customer’s workforce to new assembly and components manufacture, and reduced “overtime” labor. It has been a profound success for both parties.


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